Integrated Bar of the Philippines Makati Chapter

Report of the IBP Makati Chapter

For the Period May to August 2013

Following the planning conference held in April 2013, the second trimester saw the Chapter moving forward with the plans and programs approved by the current Board of Directors.


In May 2013, the Chapter actively participated in the election of the Governor for the Southern Luzon Region, inviting the candidates to present their respective platforms prior to the election.


In June 2013, a new system was implemented to ensure that the Chapter consistently updates the status of cases handled by the assigned law firms and lawyers and to maintain accuracy in the active case log. A table of the status of legal aid cases is attached as Annex A (available upon request for valid reasons from the Chapter Office) of this report. The Chapter also took measures to comply with the Handbook and Primer on Legal Aid issued by the National Committee on Legal Aid (“NCLA”) and provided the information required by the NCLA. The Chapter will also participate in the legal aid summit of the Southern Luzon Region to be held in September 2013.


The Chapter monitored and participated in on-going projects that are considered developmental legal aid, including but not limited to the Supreme Court’s decongestion of court dockets project and the NCLA’s overseas contract workers proposed help desk. In October 2013, the Chapter will again co-host “Lex Aqua,” a coastal clean-up and environmental project spearheaded by the Chapter.


The Chapter actively participated in the public consultations and stakeholder’s dialogues for the Revision of the Rules of Civil Procedure. In August 2013, the Chapter submitted to the Supreme Court its official Comments to the Draft Rules. In summary, the Chapter is of the opinion that the drastic changes introduced by the Draft Rules and their experimental application might lead to further confusion, more avenues for abuse by unscrupulous parties and, ultimately, prejudicial delay for the entire justice system. The Chapter instead advocated the revisiting and strengthening of the present Rules of Court to ensure that any proposed changes will be practical and meaningful. The full text of the Chapter’s comments is available on the Chapter website (www.ibpmakati.com).


Harnessing available technology, and as a continuing service, the Chapter launched its Legal Education Updates website (ibpmakatilegaleducation.wordpress.com) containing digests of recent Supreme Court decisions, rulings of administrative agencies and other content important to its members. This website is linked to the main Chapter website (www.ibpmakati.com).


As part of its mission to be of service to the Makati community, the Chapter initiated the publication of a directory, for circulation to its members, of the contact information of the members of the Board and of public offices of Makati City. The directory is scheduled for release by September 2013.


Although the Chapter is in sound financial condition, collection of dues from delinquent members continues to be a challenge. To augment its funds, the Chapter will hold fund raising projects in the coming months and will study ways to wisely and prudently invest its available funds. In June 2013, a pre-audit system for all disbursements was also instituted.

The first issue of the eighth volume of the Chapter newsletter (the first for the 2013-2015 term), featuring the vision and mission of the current Board of Directors and Officers, was published in August 2013. A full digital version of the newsletter is linked to the Chapter website (www.ibpmakati.com). The newsletter serves as the official report of the Chapter to the National Office.

Valuing the camaraderie necessary to maintain the support of its members, and to remain accessible to them, the Chapter also created a Facebook page and Twitter account, and held its first fellowship dinner and induction of new members (for the term 2013-2015) in August 2013.

Bienvenido I. Somera. Jr.

President, IBP Makati Chapter