Integrated Bar of the Philippines Makati Chapter

IBP Makati Stands Against Corruption

Statement Issued by the Board of Directors on 3 October 2013

The Integrated Bar of the Philippines - Makati Chapter (IBP Makati) shares the people's disappointment and disgust over the betrayal of public trust committed by public officials through the misappropriation of public funds for their own personal amassing of wealth at the expense of the Filipino people.

IBP Makati lends its support to the people's demand for a full audit and accounting of public funds placed in the hands of all elected and appointed officials of government.

IBP Makati demands an end to the diversion of taxpayers' hard earned money from the public treasury to the pockets and bank accounts of public officials and private individuals who connive and collude to rob the people of their taxes.

IBP Makati joins the fight against corruption and the demand for the prosecution and punishment of all individuals, whether in the private or public sector, involved in the Priority Development Assitance Fund (PDAF) scam.

IBP Makati hereby expresses its resolve to render legal assistance, if called upon, to prosecute all offenders and to secure the integrity of the public treasury from the avarice of those in political power.